Our Company

GO Composites, nestled in northern Utah, plays a unique role in the region's aerospace and defense industry. 

Established in 2012, GO Composites has developed advanced solutions for the most demanding applications leveraging cutting-edge materials.  An agile approach to design and manufacturing has enabled the company to adapt swiftly to evolving industry needs, producing lightweight yet durable products that enhance performance and process efficiency. 

Through strategic partnerships GO Composites has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional quality, positioning itself as as a trusted supplier to leading aerospace and defense organizations.

Our Team

Rolf Johns - Founder and President. A chemist with 37 years experience in the aerospace/defense industry having worked at Morton Thiokol Corporation, TCR Composites and Zoltek Corporation.

Robert Roden - VP Business Development. 35 years in Business Development, Alliance Management and Portfolio and Project Management.

Josiah Johns - Director Technical Development. Over 8 years experience in the composites industry specializing in research and development and project management roles