Towpreg Development

Towpreg is a composite material consisting of continuous carbon fiber tow pre-impregnated with resin, which allows for precise control over fiber alignment and resin content during the manufacturing process. GO Composites specializes in developing unique resins that provide excellent fatigue resistance and uniformity, ensuring reliable and consistent material properties for advanced composite structures.

Filament Winding

Carbon fiber filament winding requires a high level of sophistication and technological expertise, utilizing computer-controlled machinery to precisely lay down continuous carbon fibers in specific, intricate patterns. GO Composites offers small to large (up to 40 ft long and 10 ft in diameter) winding capabilities that ensure optimal strength, minimal material waste, and the capability to produce complex, lightweight structures.

Resin Formulation

Customized resin formulations in towpreg applications are crucial for meeting demanding performance requirements and ensuring durability in harsh environments. These tailored resins enhance specific properties such as thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength, thereby extending the lifespan and reliability of the composite materials under extreme conditions.

Product Development

GO Composites offers  expertise in product development for the aerospace and defense industry, specializing in innovative solutions that meet stringent regulatory and performance standards. With a proven track record in delivering cutting-edge technologies, we ensure our clients receive superior, reliable products that enhance operational capabilities and mission success.

Materials Testing

In the aerospace and defense industry, resin and carbon fiber composites undergo rigorous mechanical testing to ensure they meet high performance and safety standards. GO Composites conducts thermal and environmental tests to assess durability under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and chemical exposure. Specialized tests, including strength and temperature evaluations, are essential to guarantee the composites' reliability and safety in critical mission applications.

GO Composites assists our customers with the needs they have in the world of carbon composites for the aerospace, defense and industrial applications.

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