Filament Winding

Small to large-scale industrial winding for multiple products and applications

GO Composites provides filament winding capabilities on two large filament winders:

Filament Winder 1
  • Manufacturer: Ashton Engineering, Inc. 
  • 4 axes of motion (5-axis capabilities)
  • single heavy-duty spindle  (2 spindle capabilities)
  • 1 payout delivery carriage (able to do 2 carriages)
  • 8-position carriage mounted creel
  • Towpreg and wet-winding winding capabilities
  • Winding envelope: 70” swing x 25’ bed (capable of expansion)
Filament Winder 2
  • Manufacturer: McClean Anderson
  • 4 axes of motion
  • single heavy-duty spindle
  • 1 payout delivery carriage 
  • 24-position towpreg carriage mounted creel
  • Towpreg winding capabilities
  • Winding envelope: 120” swing x 40’ bed 
  • Capacity: 80 tons

We also consult with customers winding in their own facilities. Our extensive experience with towpreg processing and winding can help companies avoid the difficulties of switching from wet-winding to towpreg winding. 

Contact us today about your filament winding needs or switching from wet-winding to towpreg winding.